Learning the Basics

Here is a carefully selected series of videos that will help you to learn the basics. Click the underlined words that are linked to the video.


Intro to the PC

Learn about the parts of a computer, how to shop for a personal computer (PC), and recognize the parts of a desktop computer.  

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Moving the Mouse

Learn about using the mouse; left/right click; single/double click; click and drag.

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Building hand/eye coordination

Play Solitaire to practice mouse moves (this is somewhat corny, but it does work).

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Need new one here or check accuracy of old one


Purchasing a computer

Learn what to look for when purchasing a computer and how to compare the many benefits and features.

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Computer Basics

Do you wonder what people mean when they say the Cloud, windows, Blackberry, Lion, etc? This site has lots of information for you.

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