Using the Internet

After you have gained confidence with the basics, start using the Internet for searches, watching videos, and finding information.


How the Internet Works

This very short video gives a graphic presentation of how the Internet works.

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Internet Programs

This information will tell you about the various programs to use for the Internet:  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

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Beginning a Search on the Internet

Learn how to move around on an Internet web page and do a search.

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How to refine a search when you got 10,000 results!

Did your search on the Internet end up with thousands of results? Using a technique with Boolean Operators, you can cleverly refine your search.

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Bookmarking a Web Page

Saving a favorite web page is called “bookmarking.” This short video shows you how.

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Searching for Videos

Use YouTube movies to help you with most any topic you need help with! Here is a video that shows how to use some features that will help refine your searches.

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