Email and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email programs. In addition to sending and receiving email, it can organize your address book, calendar, and notes. Further, it synchronizes all the data with your smart phone. The movies here become fairly advanced as you go down the page, so you may only want to view the first couple of them the first time through.


Email Programs

This video covers several email programs, but settles on Microsoft Outlook that helps you to organize other aspects of your life (address book/contacts, calendar, notes).

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  Doesn’t work well; is boring.


Email Basics

This video tells you the basics of opening Microsoft Outlook 2007 and using it to send emails. Sending attachments is also included. The means of sending an email are similar in other programs.

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For more details, go to this website.


Outlook: New Contact

When building an address book with your contacts, this video will show you how to complete a contact.

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Outlook: 2003

Here is a nicely structured format for learning all the basics in Outlook, although it is using the more dated 2003 version. You will find it very helpful, but don’t forget to come back to this site to continue your learning.

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*** This ends the “beginner’s” portion of Microsoft Outlook. Continue only if you are comfortable. ***


Outlook: Group Mail, Making Rules, and Backing Up Files

This video covers group mail (distribution lists), creating rules, and backing up Outlook files.

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Outlook: Contact Details

This video shows you how to keep track of all kinds of details in your Outlook contacts.

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Outlook: Contact Photo & Map

Within each Outlook Contact is a place to add a photo of the person. There also is a quick reference to an online map to the address.

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Outlook: Email Details and Email Signatures

Delete unnecessary or unwanted auto-complete entries in the TO portion of an email, remove clutter in emails that are forwarded (FWDS), and develop email signatures.

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Outlook: Creative Emails

This video shows you how to be real creative and have fun with your email.

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Outlook: Organizing Folders

With all of your emails coming in, you may want to save some and organize them into folders. This video shows you how to make folders and even folders within folders.

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Outlook: Notes

Outlook has a special place for “to do” lists or other miscellaneous collections of information. This area is called NOTES.

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Outlook: Automatic Signatures

Outlook provides you with a means of making an automatic signature. You may want to have several signatures depending upon the various “hats” you wear. This video will show you how.

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