Word Processing

Learn the basics of word processing software, write a letter, make letterhead, write a report, address and envelope.


Word Basics

Learn how to open, save, and close a Word document.

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Word: Word Wrap

A fundamental principle to learn with word processing is the concept of letting words “wrap” around to the next line, which is totally unlike the typewriter.

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Word: Copying and Pasting Text

This short video shows you the process of copying text and pasting it in another location.

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Word: Using Tabs

Using tabs is very similar to old typewriter settings, although just slightly different.

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Word: 2010

GCF Learn Free.org is a nicely structure series of lessons and movies taking you through most of the basics in Word.

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*** This ends the “beginner’s” portion of Microsoft Word. Continue only if you are comfortable. ***


Word: Format Painter

Use the Format Painter tool for consistent headings and subheadings done quickly.

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Word: Custom Dictionary

Develop your own custom dictionary for all the local words so they will not always show as being misspelled.

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Word: Bullets and Numbered Lists

Making lists with bullets or numbers in front of them is a powerful Word tool that adds sophistication to your documents.

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Word: Drop Caps

If making creative documents for possible publication, learn to make “drop caps” which capitalizes the first letter in a chapter with a creative touch.

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