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Fundraising Goes Online!

Even in these strange and challenging times, our work continues. We are concerned about women -- both locally and around the world. When Women learn, families live healthier lives. When Girls go to school, they are more likely to get paying jobs. When Girls have educated Moms, they are more likely to be enrolled in school and to reach higher levels of education. We work to help women.

In spite of our challenges this year, we are thinking big. Help us attain this big goal and commit yourself to at least three or more of our fundraisers this year.

A car wash will truly help your ash-covered car. A lobster delivered to your door will make a shelter-in-home family happy. Approaching the holidays, See's Candies are great gifts for everyone. Treat yourself and others to shopping Grant Avenue stores. In the Spring, we plan a Silent Auction online. A special treat in June will be a personal and live tour of a new and beautiful sustainable Novato home. 

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