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Laurel Society

The Laurel Society, through the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award: Education & Training Awards Program, focuses on helping women from all over the world who are returning to school, have financial need and are heads of household. 

Oftentimes award recipients have had to overcome challenges such as domestic violence, substance abuse and poverty. Award recipients must reside within one of the twenty-one countries which comprise our SIA federation. 


The Laurel Society is SIA’s prestigious recognition program for donors who contribute gifts totaling $1,000 or more. Since 1994, nearly 8,700 Laurel Society members have given over $14 million to help economically empower women and girls through our Dream Programs.

Here is a list of our Novato club members who have donated:

Mari Avedano

Carole Bennett

Judy Montero

Madalienne Peters

Sharlene van Boer

Nancy Lee Weber

Kristine Wiley

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