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8/3/2021     "Welcome to Our New Soroptimist Year"

4/29/2021    "Community Fundraiser"

4/26/2021    "Special Film Series This Week"

4/21/2021    "Movies and Accolades"

3/17/2021    "Spring Treats Introducing STaRT & Documentary"

3/11/2021     "Meet the OWLS & Sweet Treats"

3/4/2021       “See’s Yumraiser is back!”

2/28/2021     "Dreams come true to wonderful women"

12/1/2020     "Give tasty See's Candies for the holidays"


11/27/2020   "Support Women-Owned Stores in Novato"


11/20/2020   "Giving Tuesday is a time to honor Soroptimist's mission"


11/14/2020  "Candy sales are an excellent way to shop contact free!


11/9/2020     "Order See's Candies Now!"


10/30/2020  "Lots of fun things are planned!


10/16/2020   "Last Days to Order Lobsters!"


10/11/2020  "Lobster Sale, Car Wash, and More"


10/02/2020  "Lobster Sale and Car Washes"


09/22/2020  "Lobster Sale and More"


06/10/2020  "Giving awards to high school kids"


03/17/2020  "Fashion Show Cancelled"


01/26/2020  "2020 Fashion Show Preparation"

11/9/2019   "We are preparing to give $$"

09/25/2019 "Prepare for Upcoming City Council elections"


08/23/2019  "There is a Lobster Waiting for You"


08/10/2019  "A New Year Begins"


06/14/2019   "Soroptimist Awards $$$"


03/31/2019   "The Magic of Africa"


03/18/2019   "Annual Fashion Show"

02/05/2019   "Awards Dinner"

01/09/2019   "Holiday Shopping"

12/04/2018   "Yummy See's Candies"

11/25/2018   "e-Luminate" 

11/11/2018   "Holiday Candy Sales"

10/19/2018   "November Speaker Meeting"

05/30/2018   "Dennis Bentley Brings Water to Tanzania"

03/19/2018   "Soroptimist Raises $$ for Women & Girls"


01/26/2018   "Soroptimist Honors Women and Girls"

10/02/2017   "News from Soroptimist Int'l of Novato"

09/04/2017   "September newsletter"