Committees, Chairs and Liaisons




Awards: Live Your Dream

            Chair: Jane Gannon

            Committee: Barbara Hurwick, Sue Levin


            Violet Richardson 

            Chair: Vicki Campbell

            Committee: Rachel Farac, Maggie Tevis

Budget: (Treasurer)

             Chair: Susan Levin/Judy Montero

Bylaw and Procedures

             Chair: Kris Wiley

             Committee: Sylvia Barry

Dream It, Be It

             Chair:  Sandra Hanns

e-Luminate Community TV

            Chair: To be Determined

             Liaison: Fredda Kaplan

Fashion Show

            Chair: Mari Avedano

            Committee: Kathy Gondola, Rosemary Shea, Patty Smith, Vicki                        Campbell,Nancy Weber, Madalienne Peters, Pam LeDonne, Sandra                Hanns

Fun & Frolic

            Chair:  Patty Smith

            Committee: Carole Dillon-Knutson    
            All members welcome to make suggestions!


Gifts, Baskets

           Chair: Patsy Fleisch


            Chair: Judy Montero

Holiday Shopping

            Chair: Barbara Hurwick

            Committee: Sue Levin

Hospitality: Member Care & Birthday Wishes

            Chair: Judy Montero

Human Trafficking

            Chair: Nancy Weber

IDEA: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Action

            Chair: Nancy Weber

            Committee: Renee Roberts, Rosemary Shea

Japanese Sister City

            Chair: Kathy Gondola

Legacy Fund

            Chair: Madalienne Peters

Lobster Sale

            Chair: Madalienne Peters

            Committee: Sue August, Pam LeDonne, Colleen Finney, Shaun                        Cooper

Lunch Location Researcher and Coordinator

            Chair: Pam LeDonne

Median Strip Project

           Chair: Sylvia Barry

           Oversight by the City of Novato

Membership and Member Orientation

            Chair: Renee Roberts

Nomination (Past President)

            To be determined by the Board this year

Programs for Monthly Speakers

            Chair: Sylvia Barry

            Committee: Sue August, Pat Hess, Rachel Farac

            All members welcome to make suggestions!  

Public Relations

            Chair: Mari Avedano

            Committee: Sue August, Vicki Campbell, Rosemary Shea, Kris Wiley

Relay for Life

            Liaison: Mary Musante

Social Media

            e-newsletter: Kris Wiley

            Webmaster for “”: Sue August

            Facebook: Sylvia Barry

            Webmaster for e-luminate: To be determined. (Liaison: Fredda                        Kaplan)


S-Club “Owls”

            Chair: Insa Graham

            Committee: Mary Musante


            Pauline Stuber STEM Scholarship

            Chair: Sylvia Barry


            Outstanding Achievement and Personal Growth

            Chair: Kris Wiley

            STaRTS Scholarship

            Chair: Madalienne Peters

See’s Candy Sales

            Chair: Vicki Campbell

            Committee:  Carole Dillon-Knutson, Pam LeDonne

SMART 2 CMOSC (SMART to Children’s Museum of Sonoma County)

            To be Determined

            Committee: Patricia Hess, Rachel Farac, Maggie Tevis

Ways and Means (Fundraising Think Tank)

            Chair: Madalienne Peters

            Committee: Lisa Cobb

          All member's ideas are welcome!