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Community Work

Special projects are an identifying feature of our local Soroptimist International of Novato club. Besides our many monetary gifts and awards, these special projects help our community and are often unique to our club.

Welcome Sign

As drivers approach Novato from either the north or the south on Highway 101, there are large metal sign holders that say "Welcome to Novato." Traditionally, all the active clubs and organizations have signs posted there. In 2020, it was deemed old and rickety, so a new sign board is being installed. Along with all the other organizations, we printed new signs for both locations. 


Board Shaun Cooper, Colleen Finney, Judy Montero, Susan Magnone, and Carole Bennett hold new sign.

Helping During


Soroptimist members find themselves doing meaningful and touching volunteering in our community in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

  • We are finalizing high school scholarships which we give every year. We realize that this year it is more important than ever to give graduating seniors monetary support.

  • Several members are helping with the food pantry at North Marin Community Services providing food to those in need in Novato.  Sign up to help by clicking one of the following links:   June 16  June 23  or  June 30 or contacting Alaine Kalder.

  • One member is the Co-Facilitator of the Marin County Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, and shares seminars that give expert advice for people with MS.  People with MS are impacted more by coronavirus than someone who doesn’t have this “underlying” condition.

  • Purchasing items and food from small businesses to help keep them afloat.

  • In contact with Homeward Bound  to access special needs of women there.

  • Making monetary donations to local and national organizations to help with food distribution.

  • Helping with a self-care program in Marin City by donating Mary Kay product samples and is creating a teaching video about using the products.

  • One member, a swim coach and leader of a senior swim team community group has been checking in with her team to ensure they are okay and have what they need. She has also designed and sent out four swim tether workouts to keep them going.

  • Give extra member donations to UNICEF, NMCS, SF Marin Food Bank, Marin MOCA and CFI (California Film Institute) during the current pandemic.

  • Giving notes and small gifts to postal carriers.

  • Donating to a fund that is donating food to front line hospital workers.

  • Checking in on our senior neighbors and members and offering to shop for them.

  • Helping our senior members with new technology being used during the pandemic.

  • We are currently brainstorming more fundraising ideas for the support of our local non-profits who are struggling right now.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 10.25.15


On August 7, 2019, Soroptimist International of Novato helped the Sparkle crew fill 700 backpacks with back-to-school supplies for kids in Marin who need help and a sparkle in their lives.  Soroptimist also donated $1,000 to help Sparkle do their much needed work.


Sparkle’s focus is simple – live a life with purpose – women helping women, children helping children, people helping people.


The Sparkle Foundation ( helps women because women rarely ask for help.  They also help children because they are often victims of other’s circumstances.  They help people because many of us will never know what it is like to not have food in our fridge or not wake up to a house full of toys at Christmas or even have basic items like a fresh pair of pants or a clean toothbrush.  Together we really can make a difference, and teach our children to do the same.


The Sparkle Foundation is different because 100% of donations go directly to women and children in whatever way best meets their specific needs, with dignity and purpose.



At the intersection of Redwood Boulevard and Grant Avenue is a median strip with a city-operated fountain. The median is one that Soroptimist International of Novato has claimed for maintenance.  


The Median Sign is a project that involves our member cooperation once or twice a year.  The strip provides nice visibility next to the City fountain on Redwood Highway.


The Soroptimist Median Sign on Redwood Blvd, Novato.

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