Founder Region Fellowship

Fellowship is the identifying project of Soroptimist International’s Founder Region, to which our club belongs. The mission of the Fellowship is to provide financial support to women attending universities within Founder Region who are in the final phase of their doctoral degrees. These awards seek to support women who are working in fields that have great social importance to the world or are under-represented by women. The recipients’ work reflects and furthers Soroptimist ideals.


The awards are announced and formally presented at the annual Founder Region Spring Conference. For further information, please contact the Founder Region Fellowship website at

Fellowships are often paid by the club honoring a member, or a member can buy her own, or she can even win one at a regional conference. Members of the public can purchase a Fellow for themselves or a club member. Here is a list of our Novato club members who have been recognized as Fellows:

Sylvia Barry - 1

Carole Bennett - 2

Vicki Campbell - 1

Brandy Donahue - 1

Colleen Tobin Finney - 1

Kathy Gondola - 1

Patricia Hess - 1

Madalienne Peters - 4

Judy Montero - 1

Rosemary Shea - 1

Pauline Stuber - 2

Charlotte Urban - 2

Sharlene van Boer - 1

Nancy Weber - 1

Kristine Wiley - 1


Since the program began in 1948, Founder Region Fellowship has awarded over 1.4 million dollars to over 325 women in the final phase of their doctoral degrees who have then been in the position to be in leadership roles in their respective areas of expertise.  Complete history of fellowship 1948-2020.

Fellowship Grant Forms