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Annual Kickoff Meeting

Positivity and Optimism Winning the Day

Each year we have an annual luncheon or dinner with a very special speaker and the public is invited. Use this as an opportunity to check out Soroptimist International of Novato. Find out what the members are doing in the community. Mix and mingle with the members.


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Previous Annual Kickoff Meetings

Community leaders have been our keynote speakers, and they have left memorable impressions on all.

2018 - Women as World Leaders

Dr. Clara MacNamee is a retired doctor, educator, and US liaison for the Development of Children and Women Center (DCWC) in Nepal. She is a retired doctor from addictive medicine at Marin General Hospital. She is one amazing woman! After going to Nepal several times to check on the development of her new hospital, she now is overseeing her five-year plan to develop a training program for nurses.

Dr Clara MacNamee

2017 - Daraja Academy for Girls

When Jason and Jenni Doherty visited Kenya, they were struck by the degree that gender determined opportunity. For families living in deep poverty, access to education was already limited, but sons were still far more likely to attend secondary school than daughters. Girls were left behind.

Girls Daraja Academy

2016 - Laura Holmes Haddad

Laura Holmes Haddad is a cancer survivor and local author of This is Cancer: Everything You Need to Know from the Waiting Room.  Mother of two children and wife to successful local business leader, she was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer in 2012 at the age of 37. Currently in remission and while transitioning from patient to survivor, Laura has started work as a patient advocate and speaker.

Laura Holmes Haddad

2015 - Cheryl Jennings and Maggie Baxter

Cheryl Jennings, Channel 7 News Anchor and Maggie Baxter, Channel 7 Executive Producer, shared behind-the-scenes adventures as well as tips for getting women's issues better positioned on the media.

Cheryl Jennings

2014 - America's Cup World Series
2013 - Michael Hingson

Michael Hingson was a miraculous survivor of the September 11 disaster in the Twin Towers of New York City.  He and his guide dog led a group down the burning tower to safety.

Michael Hingson with Thunder Dog

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