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More About Women

United Nations

A conversation about the United Nations and how it touches our lives.

Capping and the Underground Economy

An inside look at capping and the underground economy.

Women in Novato Police Department, 1 of 3

Tayler Mason shares her role in both Records and Dispatch.

Her Story:  Dr. Melanie Hahn

A conversation with Hangukgye Migukin about three generation from Korea.

Nifty at Ninety

A conversation with 90 year old Barbara Patten.

Women in Leadership

A conversation with Cynthia Murray, President & CEO, North Bay Leadership.

"Miss Margaret - The Story of an Alabama Granny Midwife" a Movie

Conversation with Diana Bork Paul.

Pan Am Wings of the World

A conversation with former Pan Am stewardess.

Growing Up On Alcatraz

A conversation with sisters Mary Marvier and Jean Comerford.

Women in Novato Police Department, 2 of 3

Melissa Hinkle is a corporal who works graveyard on outside patrol.

Women in Novato Police Department, 3 of 3

Sasha D'Amico shares her work in administration along with job getting tips.

Threads of Hope

A conversation about "Threads of Hope" -- an Afghan Embroider Project

Women in Politics

A conversation with Novato mayor Carole Dillon-Knutson.

Tara Firma Farms

A conversation with Tara Smith who raises animals and crops on her farm.

Investment Challenges for Mature Women

A conversation with Sam Crump.

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

A conversation with Adrienne Skye Roberts and Dagmar Hesker.

Women in the Police Force

A conversation with Lieutenant Jennifer Welch, Novato Police Department.

Pam Am Gone But Not Forgotten

A conversation with Pamela Taylor and Nancy Hult Ganis, Pan Am stewardesses.

Dr. Denise Zinn

A conversation with Dr. Denise Zinn, Capetown, South Africa.

AAUW American Association of University Women

A conversation with Board Members.

Caregiving as a Women's Health Issue

A conversation with Cris Chater, Executive Director of Senior Access.

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