Members of Long Standing

Charlotte Urban

Charlotte joined the club on July 1, 1974, and is our longest active member.  She served as president of our organization in 2005-6.  She has volunteered in numerous organizations around Novato.

Kris Wiley, CMP

Kris joined the club on January 12, 1988.  She has served four terms as president, which is more than any other member.

Carole Dillon-Knutson

Carole joined the club in September 26, 1990.  She has provided community leadership by being elected to the Novato City Council and serving a term as mayor.

Madalienne Peters, Ed.D.

Madalienne joined the club on September 15, 1993.  She has been club president three times of which two were shared with Michelle Shultz.  Madalienne has been a professor at Dominican University and has led us for 25 years producing our Soroptimist Sounding Board weekly community television series.

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