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Science & Technology

The Science Space Station Museum, Novato

Talk with Ken Winans about his private space collection now one of Novato's six museums.

My Brain Made Me Do It

Neuroscientist Dr. Mohammed El Majdoubi discusses misconceptions  about free will.


Talk with educator Elini Katsaros about putting the A for Arts in education.

North Bay Science Discovery Day

Talk with Dr. Julie Mangada, scientist, and Lyman Black, civil engineer.

Leveraging the Power of Whole Brain Thinking for High Achievement

Talk with Michael Pelfini.

The 4 Lives of the Human Brain

Conversation with Dr. Mohammed El Majdoubi, PhD.

Impact of Digital Technology on the Teen Brain

Talk with Dr. Mohammed El Majdoubi.

Bridging Mobility with Bionic Technology

Conversation with Amanda Boxtel.

The Ethical Brain

Conversation with Dr. Mohammed El Majdoubi.

Endocrine Disruptors and the Developing Baby Brain

Talk with Dr. Mohammed El Maidoubi.

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Talk with Elizabeth Truesdell and Rebecca Birch.

Brain Health

Talk with Dr. Shiroko Sokitch about healthy aging and the brain.

Youth, Technology, and the Future

Talk with Etienne Douglas, library website coordinator.

Life of a Scientist

Conversation with Julie Mangada, Ph.D., at the Buck Institute

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